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Event client management, guests reservations and third-party partnerships (i.e. hotels, cruises etc.) all play a role in keeping a proper balance in managing room blocks and reservation management. The challenge in using technology comes down to the flexibility to meet ever-changing business rules, decisions, and needs.

Whether it’s filling out the reservation process and creating an account, to logging in with existing credentials, the goal is to make a painless automated experience for your clients, guests, and members.

Meeting Professionals

Manage your event hotel room blocks with ease while maintaining control for you and your clients expectations.

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Capture your block pick-ups easier and see all your data from a global perspective to help drive value.

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Sporting Events

Simple solution to help you manage your teams easier with custom sub-blocks and rules.

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Event Holders

Simple automated reservation solution for your company and event attendees. Make business easy!

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Cruise Management

Manage reservations for your full ship charters!

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Be Connected. Anywhere. Any Device. Anytime.

Complete control at your fingertips will empower your organization with end to end intelligence to manage your housing needs. Easily setup hotels and sub-blocks as well as edit reservations to support the business goals. From one venue to numerous hotels across your event’s city, our platform has endless scalability. Designed with conversion in mind, we optimize your  management of variable room rates, maximize inventory control while watching those bookings come in globally!

Save 100's of Hours a Month!

Let the technology do the hard work. Through automation, your team or our team will create an effective room block. Via data intelligence, we can help you manage block efficiency supporting marketing, sales and customer service. Hotels will be pleased with our optional data transfer to enable and ensure two way communication..

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Highlighted Features

Wizard Setup

Straightforward easy-to-use wizard makes setup of multiple clients, events, hotels and rooms blocks with complete control from start to finish.

Client Management

Scalable platform allows your clients to be entered to manage unlimited events and venues. Empower your clients by providing them ease of mind with a special login option to see how their events works.

Conference Management

Manage conference details to support advanced business rules to allow scalability and management of each conference.

Hotel Management

Import or Create unlimited Hotels in our platform library.  Build or Duplicate an existing hotel and content per conference allowing complete modification.  Upload Amenities and photos

Block and Price Management

Manage the inventory block per day, per conference, per client. Create special pricing including  list, sale and pricing tiers based business rules. Integrates with Membership Module

Block Marketing Automation

Automate your communication and extend opportunities for sponsorships. The value of impressions increases with branded email confirmations and triggered email based on actions within the platform

Sponsorship Management

Enhance your ability to advertising and generate sponsorships through incorporating ad units, preferred placement and marketing automation throughout the entire booking experience.

Responsive Design

Design without limits. Empower your guests to register through any device that has connection to the internet. No need for customer Apps when our platform adjusts for you.

Real-Time Reporting

24/7 Real time reporting means you have complete visibility to your Clients, Conferences, Hotels and Reservations.  Manage the success of reservations supporting proper customer service.   Access your data real-time or downloadable, we’ll get the data in your hands to manage the business.

Booking Website Management

Branded conference setup allows to create custom branded booking site per client per conference.  The front-end booking site has flexibility to stand on its own as an independent website or can integrate within other sites or even your clients’ corporate site and digital marketing needs creating seamless branding experience for attendees or guests with a hassle free booking experience.

Form Builder

Registration forms are key to converting your guest while maximizing data collection and the sign up process. Whether the form creates an account or is a simple guest registration, we allow you to manage duplications, required fields and even request new fields to ensure a proper user experience.

Reservation Snapshot

Per Conference, access a real-time snap shot of reservations coming in.  Identify active users on the site to refine room block statistics per hotel and room types offering complete block transparency.

Hotel Credit Processing

Some client relationship require the hotel to process credit cards obtained through the booking site.  We have a highly secure, encrypted double authenticated communication that transfers data to the Hotel in an automated way.  Confirmation logs allow you as the admin to see when the hotel receives the data.

Reservation Management

Manages Reservations with ease.  Full control to edit, change status, resend email notifications and cancelation per reservation.  Maintain notes and log control to maximize compliance.

Data Import /Export

We know that Excel never will go away, so we empower you to extract data and import data for full scalability.

Waitlist Management

It is important to offer Waitlist management as an option to allow flexibility to manage the block.

Payment Management

Manage various payment types based on the items you are booking or scheduling. Acceptable on any device.  Process both online and offline payments.  Add our membership management to offer specific member based pricing and payment options.  We offer competitive merchant services to support your business needs.

Policies, Terms & Conditions

Create terms, conditions and policies that will be displayed during ticket purchase. This legal acceptance allows you to inform your attendees the legal terms they must accept before they are allowed to register for the event.


ITS SIMPLE, We are your Fortune Teller.

Beyond out platform and refined data, we can can build endless dashboards and pull additional data from over 1000+ other industry leading technologies and Apps giving you answers to any questions you have.  Real time reporting means guests can be redirected to available room blocks as your event start date approaches to help reduce attrition.

Enhance your advertising and sponsorships by providing marketing automation, integrated within the booking experience.

Gain insights as attendees make hotel reservations. Gather valuable make educated business decision while maintaining an accurate customer database

Be the Genie in the bottle and outmatch your competition!

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